Saturday, September 14, 2013

Purpose and Beyond

Let me give you a very profound truth - " Sales people are human too" .

What the heck? Is that so profound?

Ok, let us get one step back - To give my background, I am working as a business consultant in the Information , Media and Entertainment space and I absolutely don't have anything to do with sales.

But, I have a lot of friends who are doing sales.If you ask them , they always are so excited about their work. But , for a outsider sales looks like a dirty job. Do you really like that person who is trying to sell you a credit card?  When I present a pitch ,  "that was very salesy", "Don't sell it to me ok?" are the kind of responses which I get!

So naturally I wanted to explore what is so exciting to a sales person which looks mundane from the outside? Can we get an insider perspective?

Why don't the sales people come forward and share their exciting experiences ? It could be the screwed up sales pitch or the ones which went very well and your boss took credit for it.

I believe you would have got the drift by now.

Here is a list of 'Day in a life of sales person' I gathered browsing. Do you want to share your experience? Please do so in the Facebook page -

Signing off  , till the next post!